Hard Knocks and Consequences Too: You Still Have a Lot to Learn

“Hard Knocks and Consequences Too, by Fred G. Dickenson, is a folksy and practical walk down the path of life; it is about learning from personal experiences in ways that imprint upon one’s character. Fred’s devotional anthology is fun to read, and it inspires the reader to reflect a little deeper into how everyday life can teach profound spiritual lessons. Whether read as a daily devotional or as a biographical journey, it will inspire any reader. I recommend Hard Knocks.....

Hard Knocks and Consequences: You can always learn something

“Hard Knocks and Consequences” is a series of vignettes taken from the life of a man who, by all rights probably shouldn’t be here. As Mr. Venable said, “The Good Lord must have something special in store for Freddy, ‘cause the devil is sure ‘‘nuff trying to kill him.’ As you read each chapter, we hope you will see God’s greater plan for us all.

Every life has meaning. Finding that meaning and purpose is a major part of living. Cry with me, laugh with me, learn with me without having to attend the School of Hard Knocks -- or suffer the consequences. Like my dad said, “You can learn from my mistakes or your mistakes.” Which is less painful? I often wished I had learned more from his.